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Technologies I worked with:

In June 2023, I started a summer internship as a software developer at Capra, an IT consulting firm. I worked in the Liflig division, which takes more of an in-house approach to their projects, offering full developer teams rather than individual consultants. Our project this summer was to build a backend system and admin platform for IDTAG, an exciting startup!

Through the project, I got the opportunity to set up integration tests with testcontainers, use Tailwind CSS for frontend styling, and even implement login through Apple's OAuth API! I learned a lot from all this, and I'm proud of what our team delivered.

In February 2024, after delivering my master's thesis, I started working full-time for Liflig. Here I'm working with the same tech stack as in my internship, but at a larger scale, with microservices and event-driven architecture.

More about Liflig: liflig.no
More about Capra: capraconsulting.no